This manual describes how to install and set up eccenca Corporate Memory Control (cmemc), the eccenca Corporate Memory command line client.

cmemc is intended for system administrators and Linked Data Expert, who wants to automate / remote control activities on Corporate Memory.

To use this manual, cmemc users should have basic knowledge on command line interfaces, terminal usage and config file creation and editing.

This document covers installation and basic usage pattern of cmemc and is not intended to be complete in terms of being a reference for all available options and commands. However, cmemc provides detailed documentation for users via the --help option.


cmemc is the eccenca Corporate Memory Command Line Interface (CLI). It is developed in python and build and delivered as a stand alone single binary for Linux and Windows.

Main features of cmemc include:

  • List, import, export, delete and open graphs.
  • List, import, export, create and delete projects.
  • List and execute local as well as remote SPARQL queries.
  • List, execute, open or inspect workflows.
  • Import and export the workspace.

Scope of delivery

The cmemc release package consists of the following files:

  • cmemc - the Linux ELF 64-bit LSB executable (x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked), tested with Ubuntu
  • cmemc.exe  - the PE32+ executable (console, x86-64), for Microsoft Windows, tested with Windows 10
  • cmemc_vXX.YY_SystemManual.pdf  - the PDF manual


Since cmemc is a stand alone binary, installation is not needed. cmemc can be started from a local path and also from a central binary path, such as /usr/local/bin . The only needed installation activity is to copy the binary to a path on your system which is in the PATH variable.

Linux installation

As a first step, output the content of the PATH variable in order to determine, the path to use:

user@ubuntu:/home/user/$ echo $PATH

Then unzip the distribution package and copy the binary to an acceptable path (in this example: `/usr/local/bin`)

XXX depends on your actual version!

user@ubuntu:/home/user/$ unzip
user@ubuntu:/home/user/$ cp cmemc-vXXX/cmemc /usr/local/bin
user@ubuntu:/home/user/$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cmemc

Finally, test your installation.

XXX depends on your actual version!

user@ubuntu:/home/user/$ cmemc --version
cmemc, version XXX

Windows installation

The installation for Windows is similar. As a first step, unzip the distribution file (  ), then open cmd.exe  and go to the directory where the cmemc files are extracted. Then you can start cmemc.exe  .

XXX depends on your actual version!

Example execution of cmemc under Windows


Once you "installed" cmemc, you maybe want to configure a connection with a config file or learn how to use environment variables to control cmemc.