Vocabularies are the foundation for semantic data lifting activities.This module shows the list of all managed vocabularies in Corporate Memory that are accessible for the user. The table represents the list of known vocabularies. Installed vocabularies are indicated by the orange switch in the column Installed.

Vocabulary Catalog front page

Add new vocabulary

Click  to register a new vocabulary.

A new form will be shown, fill it an add the file to import the vocabulary to Corporate Memory.

Use the Search bar to find vocabularies based on name or other metadata.

Extended information and options

Each table row provides a menu with more options clicking on  or in the Vocabulary column.

A vocabulary which is known and available but not installed, looks like this:

Example of extended information of uninstalled Vocabulary Catalog

  • Use Install or the switch in the column Installed to install the Catalog.
  • Use View to access the Vocabulary.

A vocabulary which is installed looks like this

Example of extended information of installed Vocabulary Catalog

  • Use Uninstall to remove an installed vocabulary or Install to install a vocabulary.
  • Use View to access the Vocabulary.
  • Use Upload to install or overwrite the vocabulary from a file.