This post introduces to the eccenca Corporate Memory â†” Redash integration.


One major pillar of our functional component map is the â˜… Consume section where we enable Corporate Memory users to exploit their Enterprise Knowledge Graphs in other applications. An important category of these consuming applications are OLAP applications (Online analytical processing) and especially dashboarding solutions. Since Corporate Memory 20.06, we support an integration with Microsoft Power BI but we felt that for many users this is not enough.

Introduction to Redash

Redash is a browser based dashboarding application developed with Python/Flask + Javascript/React und backed up by Postgresql + Redis

With Redash you register data source where you can run queries which are the base for visualisation widgets which can be orchestrated in dashboards.

eccenca Corporate Memory Query Runner for Redash

Currently available in the eccenca fork of Redash, we provide a query runner which is capable of consuming SPARQL SELECT query results from eccenca Corporate Memory.

Once deployed (the only additional dependency is our cmempy API wrapper), you are able to register your Corporate Memory instance as a data source and execute SPARQL Queries on it.

This will enable you to create beautiful dashboards from your Knowledge Graph in an easy way.