Corporate Memory 21.04 is the second release in 2021.

The highlights of this release are:

  • Build: The mapping editor now allows for auto-completion of paths on any level in multi-hop paths, including source type specific paths with special semantics, e.g. #idx for CSV datasets. This feature lowers the barrier for new Corporate Memory users and allows for much master mapping creation.
  • Explore: Manual authoring of resources via SHACL-shape based customized user interfaces is now supported with client-side datatype validation (in addition to store-based validation). This feature provides instant user feedback while typing Literals and therefor allows faster data entry.
  • Automate: The new vocabulary import command adds a turtle file as a vocabulary to Corporate Memory (upload and create catalog entry). This allows for automation of CI/CD pipeline which depend on vocabularies managed in a Git Repository.

A complete release note is available here.