Corporate Memory 22.1 is the first release in 2022.


The highlights of this release are:

  • Build: 
    • The all new linking editor offering a new level of user experience in the linking process supercharged with inline preview and inline validation, improved operator search and much more
    • Python plugin SDK (workflow and transformation plugins)
  • Explore:
    • Shacl: Customizable workflow execute button in Property Shapes allows for declarative embedding of
    • Backend: Support for Amazon Neptune as primary Knowledge Graph Store incl. bulk loading of large files via Amazon S3
  • Automate:
    • new commands and command groups making the Corporate Memory swiss-command-line-army-knife - cmemc - even more useful
    • Python plugin command group adds capabilities for managing python plugins in your build workspace (admin workspace python)
    • Store command group adds managing commands on quad store level (admin store)
    • Metrics command groups allows for inspecting of server metrics (admin metrics, DataPlatform metrics only at the moment)

A complete release note is available here.