This page describes how to configure eccenca DataManager.

It is intended for system administrators, who are responsible for installing, configuring, maintaining and supporting the deployment of DataManager.

eccenca DataManager is a single-page JavaScript application, which means the application consists of a single HTML page which loads all needed web resources in the browser after loading the page itself.

In the context of DataManager, these web resources are:

  • The application including its configuration (app*.js, config.js)
  • Styles (*.css)
  • Web fonts for typography as well as for icons (*.woff, *.ttf, *.eot)
  • Images (e.g. logos) (*.png, *.svg)

DataManager communicates with different API endpoints in order to retrieve and manipulate data.

The features of DataManager include:

  • Dataset Manager to create and update datasets and its meta data
  • Vocabulary Manager to install and remove Vocabulary descriptions
  • Data browser to explore and manage graph-based data
  • Taxonomy Editor to manage and create SKOS based taxonomies
  • Query editor to query graph-based data via SPARQL queries
  • Access control
  • Compliance of W3C standards such as RDF, Linked Data and SPARQL