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Using the Docker Image¤


In addition to the cmemc distribution package, you can use the eccenca cmemc docker image which is based on the official debian slim image. This is especially needed when you want to use cmemc in orchestrations.

Image and Tags¤

The following image - tag combinations are available for public use:

  • - a specific release
  • - same as the latest release
Image retrieval and check cmemc version
$ docker run -it --rm --version
Unable to find image '' locally
v22.1: Pulling from eccenca-cmemc
Digest: sha256:29bdd320e02f1b7758df22528740964225b62530c73c773a55c36c0e9e18b647
Status: Downloaded newer image for
cmemc, version v22.1.1, running under python 3.9.13


cmemc processes a configuration file and can import and export files which represent graph, project or workspace payloads. These files need to be mounted via docker volumes to be accessible for the dockerized cmemc.

  • /config/cmemc.ini (file) - the loaded configuration file
  • /data (directory) - the working directory
Using a volume to mount the config.
$ cat cmemc.ini

$ docker run -it --rm -v "$(pwd)"/cmemc.ini:/config/cmemc.ini config list
Using a volume to additionally mount the data directory.
$ cat list-graphs.sparql
SELECT DISTINCT ?graph (COUNT(?graph) AS ?triples)
    GRAPH ?graph
        ?s ?p ?o
GROUP BY ?graph
ORDER BY DESC(?triples)

$ docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/data -v $(pwd)/cmemc.ini:/config/cmemc.ini -c my-deployment query execute ./list-graphs.sparql