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cmemc can be installed using the python package from, the release package or by pulling the docker image.

… via¤

cmemc is available as an official pypi package so installation can be done with pip or pipx (preferred):

$ pipx install cmem-cmemc

… via release package¤

The cmemc release package consists of the following files:

  • cmem_cmemc-vXX.YY.tar.gz - the source package of cmemc
  • cmem_cmempy-vXX.YY.tar.gz - the source package of cmempy (the used python API to access Corporate Memory)
  • cmemc_vXX.YY_Manual.pdf - the cmemc documentation manual (this document)
  • cmemc_vXX.YY_Manual.ttl - the cmemc documentation as structured data (RDF graph)
  • requirements.txt - additional requirements needed by cmemc

The following script demonstrates how to install cmemc from these files:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install cmem_cmempy-v22.1.tar.gz
$ pip install cmem_cmemc-v22.1.tar.gz
$ cmemc --version
cmemc, version 22.1, running under python 3.9.11

… via docker image¤

This topic is described on a stand-alone page.


Once you have installed cmemc, you need to configure a connection with a config file or learn how to use environment variables to control cmemc.