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Consuming Graphs in Redash¤


Redash is an open-source tool designed to help data scientists and analysts visualize and build interactive dashboards of their data. Beside creating Dashboards, users can configure alerts in order to get mails on specific data events. In 03/2021 Redash has added an eccenca Corporate Memory query runner to its core repository, which enables Redash users to query Corporate Memory instances and build visualisations and dashboards based on Knowledge Graphs.

Adding an eccenca Corporate Memory Data Source¤

The key to query your Knowledge Graphs with Redash is to add a new eccenca Corporate Memory data source. To do so, open the Settings > Data Sources Tab, and search for the right type:

Redash Data Sources: Search for eccenca Corporate Memory

Click on it and you will come into another screen where you have to enter location and access data:

Redash Data Sources: Configure Corporate Memory Access

This configuration screen basically clones the basic configuration of cmemc:

  • Name is a human friendly identifier for the source,
  • Base URL refers to CMEM_BASE_URI,
  • Client ID refers to OAUTH_CLIENT_ID,
  • Client Secret refers to OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET.

Query your Knowledge Graph and Create Dashboards¤

Once you added a eccenca Corporate Memory data source to Redash, you can create queries, configure visualisation widgets based on the query results, and combine these widgets as dashboards.

To get familiar with Redash, please have a look at the Redash user guide, especially the Getting Started page.


In order to query eccenca Corporate Memory data sources in Redash, you have to formulate your query with SPARQL: Redash: Query with SPARQL