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DataIntegration APIs¤

The latest OpenAPI specification is available at

You can (re)view it with the redoc web UI or the petstore web UI


eccenca DataIntegration APIs can be used to control, initiate and setup all task and activities related to the ★ Build step (such as datasets, transformations, linking tasks etc.).

Media Types¤

The default media type of most responses is application/json. Other possible response media types can be reached by changing the Accept header of the request.

Possible values of this HTTP header field are API dependent and listed as part of the specific HTTP method.

Dependent on the specific API, eccenca DataIntegration works with the following application media types which correspond to the following specification documents:

Media Type Specification Document
application/x-www-form-urlencoded HTML 4.01 Specification, Forms
application/json The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Interchange Format
application/xml XML Media Types
application/n-triples RDF 1.1 N-Triples - A line-based syntax for an RDF graph
application/problem+json Problem Details for HTTP APIs