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cmemc - Command Line Interface¤

  • Command Line interface for eccenca Corporate Memory

    Developed with Python and publicly available as a Package and a Docker Image under the Apache 2 License.

    Next Steps: ✨

    Python Version pypi package pypy downloads Docker Image

  • Intended for Administrators and Linked Data Expert

    Battle tested in many projects to Automate Activities and Remote Control eccenca Corporate Memory instances.

    Example: List datasets with a specific tag and project.
    $ cmemc -c # (1)!
      dataset list \
      --filter project crm-graph \
      --filter tag velocity-daily
    1. 🙋
      • The option -c is short for --connection and references to a remote Corporate Memory instance.
      • The list command in the dataset command group shows all datasets of an instance.
      • In order to manipulate output dataset list, the --filter option takes two parameter, a filter type (tag, project, …) and a value.
  • Fast ad-hoc Execution with Command Completion

    cmemc - Create Dataset
    Create Build Project and Dataset

  • Main Features:

    Manage (list, inspect, import, export, …) and Manipulate (create, delete, execute, …) Vocabularies, Datasets, Knowledge Graphs, Workflows, Projects, Queries, Scheduler, Configurations and much more.

    Example: Backup the query catalog including imports.
    $ cmemc graph export \ \
      --include-imports --output-dir queries \
      --filename-template "{{date}}-{{iriname}}"