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cmemc is organized as a tree of command groups, each with a set of commands. You can access the command groups in the table as well as in the navigation on the left. You can access the commands directly from the table or by visiting a command group page first.

Command Group Command Description
admin status Output health and version information.
admin token Fetch and output an access token.
admin acl list List access conditions.
admin acl inspect Inspect an access condition.
admin acl create Create an access condition.
admin acl update Update an access condition.
admin acl delete Delete access conditions.
admin acl review Review grants for a given account.
admin client list List client accounts.
admin client secret Get or generate a new secret for a client account.
admin client open Open clients in the browser.
admin metrics get Get sample data of a metric.
admin metrics inspect Inspect a metric.
admin metrics list List metrics for a specific job.
admin store showcase Create showcase data.
admin store bootstrap Update/Import or remove bootstrap data.
admin store export Backup all knowledge graphs to a ZIP archive.
admin store import Restore graphs from a ZIP archive.
admin user list List user accounts.
admin user create Create a user account.
admin user update Update a user account.
admin user delete Delete a user account.
admin user password Change the password of a user account.
admin user open Open user in the browser.
admin workspace export Export the complete workspace (all projects) to a ZIP file.
admin workspace import Import the workspace from a file.
admin workspace reload Reload the workspace from the backend.
admin workspace python install Install a python package to the workspace.
admin workspace python uninstall Uninstall a python packages from the workspace.
admin workspace python list List installed python packages.
admin workspace python list-plugins List installed workspace plugins.
admin workspace python open Open a package page in the browser.
config list List configured connections.
config edit Edit the user-scope configuration file.
config get Get the value of a known cmemc configuration key.
config eval Export all configuration values of a configuration for evaluation.
dataset list List available datasets.
dataset delete Delete datasets.
dataset download Download the resource file of a dataset.
dataset upload Upload a resource file to a dataset.
dataset inspect Display metadata of a dataset.
dataset create Create a dataset.
dataset open Open datasets in the browser.
dataset update Update a dataset.
dataset resource list List available file resources.
dataset resource delete Delete file resources.
dataset resource inspect Display all metadata of a file resource.
dataset resource usage Display all usage data of a file resource.
graph count Count triples in graph(s).
graph tree Show graph tree(s) of the owl:imports hierarchy.
graph list List accessible graphs.
graph export Export graph(s) as NTriples to stdout (-), file or directory.
graph delete Delete graph(s) from the store.
graph import Import graph(s) to the store.
graph open Open / explore a graph in the browser.
graph validation execute Start a new validation process.
graph validation list List running and finished validation processes.
graph validation inspect List and inspect errors found with a validation process.
graph validation cancel Cancel a running validation process.
project open Open projects in the browser.
project list List available projects.
project export Export projects to files.
project import Import a project from a file or directory.
project delete Delete projects.
project create Create projects.
project reload Reload projects from the workspace provider.
project variable list List available project variables.
project variable get Get the value or other data of a project variable.
project variable delete Delete a project variable.
project variable create Create a new project variable.
project variable update Update data of an existing project variable.
query execute Execute queries which are loaded from files or the query catalog.
query list List available queries from the catalog.
query open Open queries in the editor of the query catalog in your browser.
query status Get status information of executed and running queries.
query replay Re-execute queries from a replay file.
query cancel Cancel a running query.
vocabulary open Open / explore a vocabulary graph in the browser.
vocabulary list Output a list of vocabularies.
vocabulary install Install one or more vocabularies from the catalog.
vocabulary uninstall Uninstall one or more vocabularies.
vocabulary import Import a turtle file as a vocabulary.
vocabulary cache update Reload / updates the data integration cache for a vocabulary.
vocabulary cache list Output the content of the global vocabulary cache.
workflow execute Execute workflow(s).
workflow io Execute a workflow with file input/output.
workflow list List available workflow.
workflow status Get status information of workflow(s).
workflow open Open a workflow in your browser.
workflow scheduler open Open scheduler(s) in the browser.
workflow scheduler list List available scheduler.
workflow scheduler inspect Display all metadata of a scheduler.
workflow scheduler disable Disable scheduler(s).
workflow scheduler enable Enable scheduler(s).