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Migrating Stores¤

Sizing and Deployment¤

  • size and deploy of the new store (refer to the capacity planning / sizing considerations, refer to the docker container / orchestration)
  • store specific config (e.g. search-all-graphs in SD)

Transferring Data and Configuration¤

  • backing-up / exporting and restore / import of graphs, DI-projects, configuration (if any)
    • graphs
      • blacklisting the DI projects graphs
    • config
      • DM
        • stardog text match support (this is a DM parameter!)
        • search queries
        • navigation
    • DP
      • configure the resp. store
    • DI
      • nothing to do … just duplicate / copy the configuration as-is
      • cmemc admin workspace export / import

Test and Validation¤

  • best practice:
    • run all (SELECT) queries in the query catalog and compare results (e.g. with cmemc)
      • theoretically this could also be applied to INSERT queries (by re-writing into SELECTS in case you want / need to omit altering your graphs)
    • count all triples in all graphs on both instances before/after export/import (cmemc graph count --all)

Optimizing Your Setup¤

  • optimizing customization (e.g. queries in SHAPES; DI; DM-config)
    • “textmatch” / “lucene” queries need to be migrated (a query can be helpful to find these queries…)
    • performance comparisons could be automated via cmemc query replay
      • identify query that won’t run or run slow
  • general query best practices
    • → query optimization guide
      • use VALUE instead of FILTER (?x IN (...)) (esp. on GDB)