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The Build stage is used to turn your legacy data points from existing datasets into an Enterprise Knowledge Graph structure. The subsections introduce the features of Corporate Memory that support this stage and provide guidance through your first lifting activities.

Intended audience: Linked Data Experts

  • Introduction and Best Practices

    • Introduction to the User Interface — a short introduction to the Build workspace incl. projects and tasks management.
    • Rule Operators — Overview on operators that can be used to build linkage and transformation rules.
    • Cool IRIs — URIs and IRIs are character strings identifying the nodes and edges in the graph. Defining them is an important step in creating an exploitable Knowledge Graph for your Company.
    • Define Prefixes / Namespaces — Define Prefixes / Namespaces — Namespace declarations allow for abbreviation of IRIs by using a prefixed name instead of an IRI, in particular when writing SPARQL queries or Turtle.
  • Tutorials