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Troubleshooting and Caveats¤

This page lists and documents possible issues and warnings when working with cmemc.

Proxy is in the way¤

If you feel that your system’s proxy configuration negatively impacts the communication between cmemc and Corporate Memory, you can disable using any proxy by setting this variable:

export no_proxy='*'

This is due to the python requests library proxy handling.

The no_proxy environment variable can be used to specify hosts which shouldn’t be reached via proxy; if set, it should be a comma-separated list of hostname suffixes, optionally with :port appended, for example,,

Gateway Time-out¤

A gateway timeout occurs if your Corporate Memory infrastructure is not setup correctly.

$ cmemc -c my-cmem project import my-project
Import file to project my-project ... 504 Server Error: Gateway Time-out for url: https://my-cmem/dataintegration/workspace/projects

This can have multiple reasons - please check in the following order:

  • application.yaml of DataIntegration
  • reverse proxy configuration