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admin client Command Group¤

List client accounts, get or generate client account secrets.

This command group is an opinionated interface to the Keycloak realm of your Corporate Memory instance. In order to be able to use the commands in this group, the configured cmemc connection account needs to be equipped with the manage-clients role in the used realm.

Client accounts are identified by a client ID which is unique in the scope of the used realm.

In case your Corporate Memory deployment does not use the default deployment layout, the following additional config variables can be used in your connection configuration: KEYCLOAK_BASE_URI defaults to {CMEM_BASE_URI}/auth and locates your Keycloak deployment; KEYCLOAK_REALM_ID defaults to cmem and identifies the used realm.

admin client list¤

List client accounts.

$ cmemc admin client list [OPTIONS]

Outputs a list of client accounts, which can be used to get an overview as well as a reference for the other commands of the admin client command group.


The list command only outputs clients which have a client secret. Use the --raw option to get a JSON description of all clients.

--raw       Outputs raw JSON.
--id-only   Lists only Client ID. This is useful for piping the IDs into
            other commands.

admin client secret¤

Get or generate a new secret for a client account.

$ cmemc admin client secret [OPTIONS] CLIENT_ID

This command retrieves or generates a new secret for a client account from a realm.

--generate  Generate a new secret
--output    Display client secret

admin client open¤

Open clients in the browser.

$ cmemc admin client open [CLIENT_IDS]...

With this command, you can open a client in the keycloak web interface in your browser.

The command accepts multiple client IDs which results in opening multiple browser tabs.