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admin metrics Command Group¤

List and get metrics.

This command group consists of commands for reading and listing internal monitoring metrics of eccenca Corporate Memory. A deployment consists of multiple jobs (e.g. DP, DI), which provide multiple metric families for an endpoint.

Each metric family can consist of different samples identified by labels with a name and a value (dimensions). A metric has a specific type (counter, gauge, summary and histogram) and additional metadata.

Please have a look at for further details.

admin metrics get¤

Get sample data of a metric.

$ cmemc admin metrics get [OPTIONS] METRIC_ID

A metric of a specific job is identified by a metric ID. Possible metric IDs of a job can be retrieved with the metrics list command. A metric can contain multiple samples. These samples are distinguished by labels (name and value).

--job [DP]               The job from which the metrics data is fetched.
                         [default: DP]
--filter <TEXT TEXT>...  A set of label name/value pairs in order to filter
                         the samples of the requested metric family. Each
                         metric has a different set of labels with different
                         values. In order to get a list of possible label
                         names and values, use the command without this
                         option. The label names are then shown as column
                         headers and label values as cell values of this
--enforce-table          A single sample value will be returned as plain
                         text instead of the normal table. This allows for
                         more easy integration with scripts. This flag
                         enforces the use of tabular output, even for single
                         row tables.
--raw                    Outputs raw prometheus sample classes.

admin metrics inspect¤

Inspect a metric.

$ cmemc admin metrics inspect [OPTIONS] METRIC_ID

This command outputs the data of a metric. The first table includes basic metadata about the metric. The second table includes sample labels and values.

--job [DP]  The job from which the metrics data is fetched.  [default: DP]
--raw       Outputs raw JSON of the table data.

admin metrics list¤

List metrics for a specific job.

$ cmemc admin metrics list [OPTIONS]

For each metric, the output table shows the metric ID, the type of the metric, a count of how many labels (label names) are describing the samples (L) and a count of how many samples are currently available for a metric (S).

--job [DP]  The job from which the metrics data is fetched.  [default: DP]
--id-only   Lists metric identifier only. This is useful for piping the IDs
            into other commands.
--raw       Outputs (sorted) JSON dict, parsed from the metrics API output.