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Populate Graphs to Apache Kafka¤


Apache Kafka is a distributed event store and stream-processing platform. Kafka is widely used in enterprises for data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration and other applications.

By using the cmem-plugin-kafka Python Plugin, you can produce and send messages to Apache Kafka from inside of our Corporate Memory Workflows.


In order to use the Kafka Producer workflow task, you need to extend your Corporate Memory instance with the cmem-plugin-kafka package. This can be done by using cmemc:

Installing cmem-plugin-kafka on the instance 'my-cmem'
$ cmemc -c my-cmem admin workspace python install cmem-plugin-kafka
Install package cmem-plugin-kafka ... done

You can validate your installation by listing all installed plugins (from all packages):

$ cmemc -c my-cmem admin workspace python list-plugins
ID                                 Package ID         Type            Label
---------------------------------  -----------------  --------------  ---------------------------------
cmem_plugin_kafka-ReceiveMessages  cmem-plugin-kafka  WorkflowPlugin  Kafka Consumer (Receive Messages)
cmem_plugin_kafka-SendMessages     cmem-plugin-kafka  WorkflowPlugin  Kafka Producer (Send Messages)


Once you installed the package, you can use the Kafka Producer by simply creating a new task, e.g. search for kafka in the Create new item screen:

Create new Item and search for kafka

Follow the in-app documentation on how to configure the task (e.g. for providing credentials or preparing data to be sent in messages).