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Node Shapes¤

Node Shapes are resources of type shacl:NodeShape. They can be used to validate resources as well as to define custom forms for presenting and editing resources of a specific type.

This page lists all supported properties to describe node shapes.

Naming and Presentation¤


In this group, presentation and naming properties are collected. Most of the properties are straight forward to use.


The name of the node is presented to the user only when he needs to distinguish between different shapes for the same resource.

Used Path: shacl:name


The node description should provide context information for the user when creating a new resource based on this node.

Used Path: rdfs:comment

This property links the node shape to a SPARQL 1.1 Query in order to provide a sophisticated user navigation list query e.g. to add specific additional columns. The query should use {{FROM}} as a placeholder for the FROM section. Additionally, {{GRAPH}} can be used to access the graph in the FROM section.

Used Path: shui:navigationListQuery

Depiction Image¤

This property links a node shape to an image in order to use this image when showing resources based on this node shape somewhere.

Used Path:


Specifies the order of this node shape.

This property is used for the drop-down list in the shaped resource view as well as for priorising depictions and update queries. It is only relevant in case multiple node shapes are on the same level in the shape hierarchy (which is based on the rdfs:subClassOf relationship).

Used Path: shacl:order

Chart Visualization¤

Integrates a chart visualization in the node shape area.

Used Path: shui:provideChartVisualization



In this group, the affected vocabulary classes as well as the used property shapes are managed.

Property Shapes¤

The used property shapes on this node. Please note that this is NOT a link to a datatype or object property but to a SHACL property shape.

Used Path: shacl:property

Target class¤

Class this NodeShape applies to. This is a direct link to a class resource from a vocabulary.

Used Path: shacl:targetClass



In this group, all shape properties are managed, have an effect on how new or existing resources are processed or created.

On delete update¤

A query which is executed when the resource the node shape applies to gets deleted.

The following placeholder can be used in the query text of the SPARQL query:

  • {{shuiMainResource}} - refers to the main resource rendered in the start node shape of the currently displayed node shape tree (only relevant in case of sub-shape usage) ;
  • {{shuiGraph}} - the currently used graph.

Used Path: shui:onDeleteUpdate

On update update¤

A query which is executed when this nodeshape is submitted. The query should be saved in the same graph as the shape (or imported).

The query can use these placeholders:

  • {{shuiResource}} - the resource currently shown with the node shape of this property shape,
  • {{shuiGraph}} - the currently used graph.

Used Path: shui:onUpdateUpdate

Target Graph Template¤

Graph templates can be used to enforce writing statement in specific graphs rather than into the selected graph. Graph templates can be added to node and property shapes. A template on a property shape is used only for overwriting a template on a node shape (without a node shape graph template, they do not have an effect).

Used Path: shui:targetGraphTemplate

Statement Annotation¤


Statement Annotations provide a way to express knowledge about statements. This group is dedicated to properties which configure the Statement Annotation feature.


A value of true enables visualisation and management capabilities of statement annotations (reification) for all statements which are shown via this shape.

Used Path: shui:enableStatementLevelMetadata

Provide as Shape¤

A value of true enables this node shape to be applied as statement annotation (reification).

Used Path: shui:isApplicableAsStatementLevelMetadata